Passing UNIX shell output from one action/object to another

Discussion created by Gopinath_Rethinam_9220 on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by robert_thullner_automic
I have two UNIX action, in first action am running some unix script and get a string as output in SHELL variable, later I assigned that SHELL variable to ARA variable as below in first action Process Tab.
In first action even i printed this ARA_VAR using PRINT function in ARA, which is working.

Now the problem starts, I am trying to access above ARA_VAR in the second action's Process Tab example as below.
Which is not working, I have tried PSET in the first actions Post-Process or Publish with TASK or WORKFLOW, nothing helps, Please help me here, I spent 2 weeks on this problem, but no luck. Please provide solution with example if possible.

Note: ARA Variable name in First action and Second can be different also , end of the day , I need to use first action's SHELL command value in second action.