Is there something like Staging from AM in One Automation?

Discussion created by Claus_Jambrich_5663 on May 29, 2017
Your question:
In AM, we had option that we can bring chain to Backlog before it actual run time and put it on hold(staging). How can we get the same functionality in Automation Engine. And if a chain is in activity window and we have one job inside it with 2 preconditions. How do we remove one precondition from it before it start running. we have option of ignore precondition but it ignores all the preconditions.

Our Answer:
Consider a simple workflow with some preconditions like below:


Run it with the option Once:


In the following dialog, you can select Wait for manual release:


Now, the job appears in the activity list, but with status Waiting for manual release:


Right clicking on it, you can select Open for modifications:


You are asked, if you want to stop the workflow. This is needed for modification, but as the workflow is waiting anyhow, it makes no difference. Confirm with Yes. The workflow is opened and the icon in the top left corner indicates, that it is stopped for modification:


Now you can open the Task properties and go to tab Preconditions. There you have these symbols n6v6kiznnbo3.png and with a click on that, you can deactivate or activate each single part of the preconditions:


The title bar of a deactivated condition gets dark grey. Of course, you can also change other properties to. Deactivating a precondition is only an example. Close the properties and the workflow. In the activity window, the workflow is now in status STOP - Automatic processing has been stopped. Right click on it and select Go:


Now it is again in Waiting for manual release and again with a richt klick you can release it with Release manually and it will be executed: