Activity Window Cleanup

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In different situation it could be necessary to clean up the Activity Window of an Automic Operation Manger / Automic Automation Engine.

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The cleanup is possible in two different ways:

1) Via the User Interface using the function "Modify status manually" – have a look to the Automic Manual for more details.
This can be done only for singe activities so it's practicable for a small amount of activities.

2) Directly in the Automic database via SQL statements – this way is described in this article.
This can be used for large amount of activities. 

For more information you can search for a Known Error article related to this topic (key words: Activity Window Cleanup) in our knowledge-base.

e.g.: Activity Window Cleanup for Automic AE v11.1, v11.2 and v12.0 with Oracle DB (