SAP forms in R3 jobs settings are missing in AWI.

Discussion created by Pascal_Osthus-bugat_1753 on May 30, 2017
If in V12 a SAP R3 jobs must be created, the user will rapidly notice that the SAP form feature is not present in the R3 Job Settings. This panel that everybody knows from the UserInterface:


is missing in AWI


To have this ability available in AWI a plugin must be imported. This plugin is a java component that can be found in the installation folder of One Automation V12 :


a single file is there and it is called ecc-ae-sheet-sapformbuilder-12.X.X-GAXX.jar

Copy this file into the Tomcat Server installation folder where AWI is currently deployed.


There is no need to restart AWI, the plugin is automatically loaded, if the R3 jobs Settings is opened again in Process Assembly the new feature is now visible:


Click on 'Add Comment' to be able to select and configure the required SAP specific action:


Now it is possible to create and configure R3 jobs properly in AWI just as in the User Interface