SMTP Error

Discussion created by laura_albrecht_automic on Jun 15, 2017
So a couple of weeks ago we noticed that a bunch of notifications failed in the Activities Window.  The error was:

U00050033 The SMTP client cannot receive data from the SMTP server '

By the time we got to troubleshooting this, we really can't 100% identify what happened, but it seems possible that there was a problem with the SMTP server and the mail relay process.

This has only happened 1x, but the issue, whatever it was lasted for about 2.5 hours so no object failure or agent down alerts went out in that timeframe.  This is obviously concerning as basically we'd have no idea there were any issues going on and start investigating unless we were actively monitoring the Messages or Activities Window.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has run into something similar and/or there's any way for the failed notification to sort of "re-attempt" if the mailrelay server has this type of issue.

I don't see it shown in the HELP that you can add multiple servers to SMTP_SERVER key, and even if you could - I don't think that would address the issue anyway if one of the servers was having a problem - it's still not going to automatically re-attempt on the 2nd server.

Any thoughts?  I'm guessing this might happen very infrequently so perhaps there is no cause for alarm, but just trying to verify / identify a solution if this reoccurs.