Jobs' end times (in a workflow) is not in sync with the chain's end time in SAP, causing the chain

Discussion created by Melvin_Macapinlac_9304 on Jun 19, 2017
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We have a workflow which is designed to run a series of SAP BW process chains. We have observed that the chains are finishing earlier in Automic compared to SAP, causing the application to run the successor chain immediately, even if the predecessor chain is not yet finished in SAP. The process chains are running as normal in SAP and have longer runtimes compared to Automic.

Please see sample table below of UC4 runtimes:

Chain Name Automic Start Time Automic End Time     UC4 Runtime
OP_OCUSTMAT_ATTR     23:00:33     23:00:40     7 seconds
OP_MD_TXT_EC     23:00:40     23:00:48     8 seconds
OP_MD_ATTR_PREP_APO     23:00:48     23:00:57     9 seconds
LOAD_MD_ATTR     23:00:57     23:06:00     5:03 mins
LOAD_MD_TXT_APO     23:06:00     23:06:02     2 seconds
ECC_TRANS_DATA     23:06:02     23:06:06     4 seconds

As you can see, the runtimes in the application of the chains are mostly seconds only. The runtimes in SAP are taking about a minute or more. In effect, the chains are running almost simultaneously in SAP, because the application is already triggering the next chain, even if the previous one is not yet finish in SAP.

There were days in the past that the workflow is running normally. However, recently, the issue has been persistent for days.

For the runs where the job is not okay, here are some samples of the job report (under Report tab):

Process Start Process, variant Load master Data from ECC has status Undefined (instance )
Process Start Process, variant Oronite MD Text from ECC Start has status Undefined (instance )

However, even with these short "error" reports, the chains are running okay in SAP. The runs in SAP are normal and of the usual runtime.

For the runs where the job is okay, the UC4 report are longer. Here's a sample:

Process Start Process, variant Oronite MD Text from ECC Start has status Completed (instance 4X0JZ5SQV3BCX3HEF2NZ3CWYV)
Process Execute InfoPackage, variant 0PLANT_TEXT has status Successfully completed (instance REQU_2IZXEKSI2TOKQ2LCU9E7XL6G7)
Process Execute InfoPackage, variant 0SALES_OFF_TEXT from DVG has status Successfully completed (instance REQU_BZFGM9O3M34HOLXG7NMBZY2N8)
Process Data Transfer Process, variant 0PLANT_TEXT / PC3_003 -> O9ALOCNO has status Successfully completed (instance DTPR_4EUVRP6BF9XCMQFK3H93QODLW)......... etc.

Now, our question is, would you have any leads as to why there are differences in the application reports? Some are seemingly normal, and some appear as "errors", even if the job is successful both in Automic and SAP. What is causing the "...has status Undefined (instance )?