AWA 12.X , CPs,WPs started in out-of-sequence from the AWI “System overview” cause issues

Discussion created by IndikaPeiris611408 on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by Antoine_Sauteron_1266

AWA 12.X , Server Processes(CPs & WPs) started in out-of-sequence from the AWI “System overview” may cause issues to the remaining Server Processes. Basically will not respond to start process and indicate "process is already running"

Assume that you have “WP014” and “WP015” currently in stop status and you “Right-click” on the “WP015” and start the start the process( like below).




Above shows that It started the WP014 ( this may be because the port assign to WP14 is free on the node and the start process will pick the next available port from the config and it is now the post belong to WP14)

Now that the WP014 is up and you wanted to bring up the WP015 . This will never work again from the AWI and shows the message “Process WP.. already running” . I have to always start the remaining Server Processes from  the ServiceManager. May be the AWI

Did anyone experience this situation on your AE systems ( I think it did not work on 12.0.1-HF5 too)?