SIEBEL, Can our version of Automic support the latest version of java?

Discussion created by Christian_Boeck_57 on Jul 3, 2017
Current java version 1.7.0_79 has been flagged by internal security, can we upgrade to the latest version of java?
Yes, only siebeltools actions from siebel package are dependent on java and they have passed the test for the latest version of java 8.
What are the impact in doing so?
Currently no issues are predicted for this action. We have tested functionality using siebeltools and proven it is working find with java 1.8.0_131-b11.
What are the steps to upgrade the java version and test the operation of Automic if the recommendation is to proceed with the java upgrade?
There are two options:
you will update the system version of java and add it into the path. Then siebeltools will pick up the latest version of java that is enabled in system.
In order to address multi tenancy issues, from package version 3.0.2 there is include in every action within siebel package that is enforcing particular version of java to be used in current session. This is done through VARA: PCK.AUTOMIC_SIEBEL.PUB.CONFIG.SIEBEL_ENVIRONMENT and parameter JAVAPATH. See attached screen.
This will enforce action to use path specified here instead of default system settings. This is useful if your siebel is dependent on certain version of java, however you want to run siebeltools actions with some other version.
Initially I would recommend to keep old version of java for testing purposes so that you can always roll back to this setting if any problem occur.