Create/update VARA in Automation Engine V12 through a sql (like substitution variable in AM)

Discussion created by shravani_vedantham_6826 on Jul 6, 2017
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We just migrated from AM V8.10 to AE 12.0

I am trying to update the output value of a SQL(row count or a value) to a VARA in AE.
We did this in AM by using the API calls in the sql we run. 

In the below command, batch_no is a substitution variable and the value gets updated each time the SQL runs.

column batchmv1_col NEW_VALUE batchno_aff1;

select :v_batch_m1 batchmv1_col from dual;

- update UC4/appworx/Applications Manger substitution variable  -- GLDL

!awexe upd_var_value subvar=#batch_no="&XYZ_batch_aff" flag=Y

Is there a way we could do the same in AE 12? or how do we run SQL jobs and scan the output for a value and update the VARA

Any help is much appreciated