Regarding return status codes

Discussion created by Hoai_Truong-Thi-Thu_5649 on Jul 25, 2017
I have a basic question about two end status codes: ENDED_OK and ANY_OK. I can read from the documentation that if the preceding task ends without errors with return codes between 1900 - 1999. Does this mean that if the preceding task times out still it will say that the workflow completed.

I am trying to understand when ANY_OK should be used when we have ENDED_OK to check if the preceding task ran and completed successfully.

We believe you find the definition of ENDED_OK and ANY_OK in the document:
Then you can see, ENDED_OK and ENDED_TIMEOUT are included in ANY_OK
-> if you set the preceding task to ANY_OK, then AE will launch the next task if preceding task ended with ENDED_TIMEOUT, or with any return code in 1900 - 1999.