Custom Event status text

Discussion created by Patrick_Higgins_6715 on Aug 11, 2017
I have events that will run multiple times / day (repeated every 30 minutes) that are submitted via a Schedule at 8:00am and there is a runtime test to stop the event after 9 hrs (5 pm).   The issue is that several of my application and OPS teams  treat the ENDED_TIMEOUT - ended untimely as an error.

I could just change the value for status = 1942 to something like 'Execution Window Ended', but there are jobs that do occasionally run long and need to be canceled and the standard message is correct.   

I want to be able to set this for individual events.

I looked at setting the RETCODE and/or STATUS_ EXT with MODIFY_STATE but that is only available in a post-process tab.  And events do not have a post-process tab.

I tried creating a script and adding that in the Runtime tab, - if exceeds MRT, cancel the job and run this script, but that did not work either.

Ideas?   We are currently on 10.0.8