New Install - "Run Wizard" Refuses to Connect

Discussion created by James_9578 on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by Luu_Le_185
Hello! ARA noob here -- I work on another CA product space and am trying to familiarize myself with ARA. I've successfully installed a test server, but ran into something curious. I have to reach the test server via IP address, but I've found that when I login to the web UI via IP address instead of a host name, the "Run Wizard" button that appears on the default dashboard doesn't work. If I click that button in Firefox, it times out after a few minutes with a "[server name] refused to connect" error.

If I instead access the Web UI via the server's local web browser, navigating there via localhost:8080/awi, once I login, everything works. With localhost instead of the IP, "Run Wizard" works normally.

Does that mean I'm out of luck with wanting to navigate the UI via IP address, or is there something else afoot perhaps?