Question on Login Object

Discussion created by Hoai_Truong-Thi-Thu_5649 on Sep 11, 2017
In general, it is unclear to me why a LOGIN object would be looking for or referrencing a HOST.  The definition of a LOGIN object does not seem to include any reference to hosts ...specifically or in general.  Just name, type, Login info and password.  

The Login Object stores login data for hosts. Jobs and FT use it in order to access operating systems and applications.
In the login object, you will have to clarify one or some credentials to access OSs or applications.
The Name column is referring to host, you can choose the host from a drop list contains all hosts you have in the current Client.


The agent passes the login information and password on to the OS or application whenever a job or file transfer should be processed. This information is checked and the OS rejects the execution if any of the provided data is incorrect. 

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