Duplicating existing workflow and provide new name

Discussion created by Kavitha_N_9779 on Oct 3, 2017
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I tried to duplicate an existing workflow to add some extended features later. I followed the steps below in Automic 12.0.1

a. Created a new workflow in Automic and this is available in release-automation->workflows  -- good

b. Opened process-assembly->UC4 applications -> Enterpriserx.....-> select and rename workflow created in step (a) above by adding  "-1"to the end of the name and title

c. Opened process-assembly->UC4 applications -> Enterpriserx...->rt click on the WF which need to be duplicated->select duplicate-> give the new name to this duplicate copy as that given in step(a)  -> save

d. Delete the workflow which was renamed with "_1" as in b.

e. Now we have original workflow and duplicate workflow with the name given as it was created in step (a)

Question is:

1) When the new duplicate workflow with new name is executed, it pulls the original workflow instead of running with its own name and fails or hangs for a long time.

2) "monitor workflow" option  doesnot appears on the top line of the screen as it for any other workflow- workflow finally fails.

please suggest possible error in duplicating workflow