C_Period in v11.2.5 sometimes doesn't come out of sleep

Discussion created by SamahSohrab607228 on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by Alexander_Trenker_120
Has anyone noticed an issue with c_period executions where the c_period gets stuck in a sleep mode and doesn't wake up again until I Stop and Go the c_period? I've noticed it happening when the previous c_period runs over the Midnight time frame. But it's not on every c_period. And I haven't been able to reproduce it on demand to submit a bug, but I have seen it a few times.

This example c_period runs With a Gap of 1 hour, but it hasn't run since 6 Oct. The user informed me of this issue, and I did a Stop/Go on the c_period.