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These questions came in a recent support case :
I want to add an additional DWP process to our test system and have updated dev.smd file with the new entry but I do not see the new entry under the Service Manager Dialog.
Do I need to restart ./ucybsmgr? and if so will it cause an outage?
Changes made in the .smd / smc files will not be taken into account unless you restart the Service Manager.
However, bringing down the Service Manager also means that all processes started through it will end at the same time.

I've been following these instructions :
I don't have the option to duplicate a WP from the Service Manager Dialog. Do you know why this is?

Normally right-clicking on an existing entry in the Service Manager Dialog will show the context menu. Then choose the 'Duplicate' option. You can then rename the new entry.

Please note that simply adding a WP will not necessarily make it a DWP - there are certain criterias based on the already available number of WPs and the rules set in UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS > WP_MIN_NUMBER key. Please refer to this other discussion for more information :

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