Automation Engine sets hard minimum limit of three non-DWP work processes

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Michael_Lowry
I discovered yesterday that the Automation Engine will not switch the mode of a Work Process to Dialog Work Process mode until there are at least three (3) running work processes (four total, including the PWP), even if the values in WP_MIN_NUMBER in UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS are set to 1 or 2. The documentation for this setting states:
Note that the primary work process (PWP) is not included.
Regardless of whether the values in in WP_MIN_NUMBER are set to 1, 2, the AE behaves as though these values are set to 2. (In other words, a setting of 1 is ignored and treated as 2.) The first WP that will automatically switch to DWP mode will be the third (3rd) one after the PWP.

The AE enforces that in addition to the PWP, there are always at least two normal (non-DWP) WPs running.

Also, it is not possible to manually switch a WP to DWP mode until at least two WPs are running other than the PWP. The option Change Server mode to DWP does not appear in the contextual menu for the PWP, or for the first WP, or for the second WP. It first appears for the third WP that is started after the PWP.

Thus, the AE sets a hard minimum limit of two (2) normal (non-PWP, non-DWP) work processes. The limit appears to be system-wide, and not per-node. I could not find this limit documented anywhere.