Handle files with special characters (german unlaute, "french" chars, ...)

Discussion created by HolgerMundhahsVTG on Oct 18, 2017
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we've a very simple task, that we should build with AE: Find and transfer files from one location to another. The problem are the file names. There could be german umlaute in it or other chars like é à ´ ..... Do I've a chance to handle this files?

Additionally do we store the file names and the directory in a MS SQL database. The select shows the special characters, but if I use a SQL-VARA object I get wrong chars.

I don't have a chance to force the user to use other chars. If I couldn't find a solution I've to say:

Automic can't do (such simple things) like copy files.

Any idea?

Kind regards

PS: I can't use robocopy or other tools like this. The source in our DMZ, no share access allowed. I've to use JOBF.