AWI problems

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Below is a list of the problems we are tracking related to the Automic Web Interface (AWI).

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Impact / Work-around




Login to v12.1 AWI times out if the user has any of the following privileges:
• Access to My Catalog
• Access to Process Assembly
• Access to Process Monitoring

Logins to client 0 work OK.

Root cause:Custom attributes that use an SQL agent that is down.


Impact: Cannot log in

  • Start the SQL agent.
  • Remove the custom attributes or use STATIC VARAs instead of ones that use an SQL 
  • Use the Java UI.
In progress
INC00214137Single sign-on (SS) not working in v12.0.3 AWI. The kerberos ticket is accepted as valid, but then the connection times out.
Impact: Cannot use SSO
Work-around: log in with username & password.
In progress