Generic job to run selected script

Discussion created by DanielGates628573 on Nov 22, 2017
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In our current process we have lots of executable scripts that can be run manually from unix boxes by users/dba's. e.g.

title = 'Update tables' script = run_script1
title = 'Delete tables' script = run_script2
title = 'Drop tables' script = run_script3

Rather than creating 3 jobs in automic to enable this going forwards I am trying to attach a prompt set to one job so the user can 
select the job (title they want) from a drop down and this will then execute the script.

The only way I think of doing this so far is to create a variable object like so:


The popup will display Value 1
The user will select an option
I will use the Value 1 value to get the record using GET_VAR (matching into the Key value) and return Value 2.
This string will then be executed in the process tab.

For this to work the values in the key and Value 1 field need to be the same which seems a little daft.

Any better solutions very much welcome..