Job failure reporting

Discussion created by DanielGates628573 on Dec 1, 2017
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Does anyone have a preferred method of reporting automic job failure back to user(s).

The scenario I have is that multiple users can log onto an automic client and execute a generic workflow. They will execute a wrapper job (setting lots of environment variable information) that will call the generic workflow using ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT and PASS_VALUES.

This would be my ideal outcome:

I would like to report the error via email only back to the user who activated the job.  Hopefully by getting the user name and then getting the email address from that user object? Not sure if possible...

I do not really want the notification windows popping up in the automic client.

I want to avoid a plethora of emails being sent if the generic worklow is cancelled manually (recursive). 

Provide as much information as possible (similar to the details in the alarm object process tab) about the job that failed including job/workflow alias information and environment variable information.

Any ideas/knowledge very welcome.