Automation engine compatibility with Informatica Version 10.1.1 (hotfix)

Discussion created by Karim_Azzouzi_8427 on Dec 18, 2017

We are working on updating our informatica version to 10.1.1(with the hot fix) and we noticed after the upgrade in our non prod enviroments our automation engine was not performing as expected. Executing workflows that normally took a few minutes was running for hours and not returning a ended ok status, yet remained active. Even though within our informatica monitor we saw the workflow complete. 

We are looking to check to compatibility between what versions of ONE Automation and Rapid Agent should we use for Informatica version 10.1.1 ( with hotfix). 
Our current client version is V4.0.2 with an agent version 11.2.2. 
Any suggestions into this while we diagnose the jobs not completing internally would be helpful.

Based on the trace log. The automic agent was trying to access the repository of the previous informatica version. You have to adjuste the non prod informatica agent in admin client. That initially was giving you errors that it was unable to access repository, after a restart of the UC4 agent on the informatica server you will be  then able to map a workflow and execute.