Problem in Importing permission on ARA for specific user

Discussion created by Tran-Hoang_Hau_348 on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by martin_polak_automic
We do have a permission problem on AE. 

1) We have created two folders using ImportExportCLI.exe ARA_AMAGUPTA_DEV_FLDR.xml & ARA_AMAGUPTA_GENERAL_FLDR.xml 
2) We have also granted a permission using ImportExportCLI.exe , ARA_AMAGUPTA_DEV_FLDR_PERMISSION.xml & ARA_AMAGUPTA_GENERAL_FLDR_PERMISSION.xml 
3) We have also run the OBJECTS_Export_Import.jar for import AE permission ARA_AMAGUPTA_FOLDER_PERMISSION_AE.xml 

User is not able to create login objects and workflow for a newly created application after login. 

Looks like AE permission is not working as expected. Please suggest. 

Expected Result, When a user logs-in for the first time, folder with relevant permissions for saving their entities should be available and user should able to create action pack 

Entities = Application, Component, package, environment, deployment target, deployment profile, login object, workflow

=> I can see in the authorizations in AE with the login setting, you have below which mean that you can only create a login object starting with name LOGIN.NEW*


However in AE all the login object create from ARA  will have in format RM*