Script Cache Current Value ist always 0

Discussion created by Peter_Fekete_8604 on Dec 21, 2017
The ScriptCache (3) is defined in ucsrv.ini with 3000000 bytes. In the AWI administration (1) cache (2), "Active", "CurrentSize 0", "Calls 0" and "Hits 0" are always displayed. Is that correct? It looks like ScriptCache is not used at all.
Under what conditions is the script cache used by the WPs?


The display of the cache shows only the statistics of the PWP. In the ucsrv.ini is the primaryMode set to 1.  that means the PWP just makes its abandonment (connections and reconnections, ...) and does not transmit any "normal" WP tasks, which include running scripts. Therefore, the script cache is not used by the PWP and is therefore always 0.