Licensecheck, are my licenses are going to expire over new year? (MSSQL only)

Discussion created by Harald_Heidinger_152 on Dec 21, 2017
Hi Guys, as a early-bird christmas special for you, and for us in support i have created a licensecheck which will show you if licenses will expire within the next 30 days from the time you are executing the script. As you might be aware of, if licenses are expiring, the component which is running with the license will stop and only be activated again as soon as a new license is loaded. And we all know that is nothing we do want to have on a new years eve, not you as a customer, and not our support on-call member :)

Before you download this!

Please note that currently i only have this available for MSSQL yet, i m working on a Oracle and DB2 solution too, but depending on how much time I will have for testing it before christmas, I will either only paste the SQL Statement you have to change within the SQLI VARA, or provide with a complete script.

also please note, that this is a no-support feature, dont open an incident if you face issues with my objects, but you are more than welcome to post questions into this thread if you have any.


.) Currently it is only tested and available for MSSQL, i do have it also running for Oracle, but it is not tested enough yet.

.) The transports are only for Version 11 and Version 12, for Version 10 i encountered issues i could not solve in that short period of time, as I know that during new year some licenses are going to be expired I wanted to release now what I have.

.) SQLI Variables have to be enabled within UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS, further information on this, please find here:


How to use?

After you downloaded the .xml export and loaded it to your system, you have 3 new objects:


the VARA.SQLI.MSSQL.LICENSECHECK.HEA will perform a query on the DB UC_LIC based on values from the SCRI objects, and list all licenses which are going to expire within the next 60 days (editable)

the SCRI.LICENSECHECK.HEA will perform the SQLI query with the date you enter, within the SCRI objects I left comments on each line and what to change. If licenses are going to expire, an e-mail with the report as content will be sent out showing which licenses are going to expire. If no licenses are expiring, only a message will be sent out to the message window.

the CALL.LICENSECHECK.HEA is an e-mail Notification, NOTE: a valid user has to be added to the recipients so it will work:

(of course you can also add the recipient dynamically, it is only one way how to add it)

So to start it, just execute the scriptobject and check the messagewindow if a message appears informing that no licenses will expire, or if an e-mail will appear containing a list with a list of expiring licenses:


So, some of my licenses are going to expire, what to do?

Please check your e-mails, or tell your colleague who usually is supposed to get the licenses, if you recieved new licenses already from your Accountmanager, and if so, check them and load them.
If you did not get any license extention, please urgently get in contact with your Accountmanager to discuss the situation.

What not to do?

Please do NOT change the license expiry dates on your UC_LIC Table or license file in any case!!!! the license does have a checksum which will be invalid after you perform any change manually on your license, it will lead to a complete system stop!!!

If you are not the Administrator of your Automic System, please check with your Administrator before you are using this script, maybe he is aware of that situation already and discussing with the right people to solve it. He might not need additional stress on this :)


I know this is a very very basic functional routine, I know it can be more fancy, and you are more than welcome to extend it as you like, and to put it on a monthly schedule so you get information about expiring licenses on a regular base and you can react accordingly. 

You are also welcome to add your improvements to community, either on that or on another post if you like to.

Cheers, and merry Christmas to you all!