Automation of a schedule with the Java API

Discussion created by James_Arruda_10118 on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by brendan_sapience_automic

Hello All,

I am attempting to automate the manipulation of a Schedule using the Java API in our Automic/UC4 instance which is running version 10.

I am able to active and deactivate the tasks within the schedule as well as active and deactivate the schedule itself.  My problems lies in the fact that I am not able to force those changes to happen when requested and I must wait for the schedule to load at the next period turnaround.

I am using the jsch_udpate.jar tool to do this work and have not found a way with another tool to force the loading of the schedule before the next period turnaround which happens at 12:00am each day.

Has anyone had any luck with doing this? Or does anyone have any experience with accomplishing this with the Java API with version 10 of UC4?

Any help would be most appreciated.


Jim Arruda