Maximum number of job lines that can be generated (MAX_JCL_LINES attribute)

Discussion created by Tuan_Hoang_Anh_9665 on Dec 26, 2017

We recently received questions about the maximum number of job lines that can be generated
Just to let you know, each process tab can contain upto 32767 JCL lines but the number of JCL lines generated during job generation will be limited by the attribute MAX_JCL_LINES (default value 1000, can be set with :PUT_ATT). That means by default either if your process tab contains more than 1000 lines or it creates more than 1000 JCL lines during generation (i.e FOR loop) then the execution of jobs will encounter error.
You can increase the maximum JCL lines by modifying 
MAX_JCL_LINES attribute to enable your  jobs generate more according to your need. The maximum value for this attribute is 2,147,483,647 (credit goes to peter_grundler_automic).