MYSQL DB Agent generating extra blank lines.

Discussion created by PatrickHiggins607207 on Jan 12, 2018
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Running AE 11.2.2 with MYSQL DB Agent v1.0
20180110/111828.963 - U02000000 Started program Agent 'MYSQL', version '11.2.2+build.622', changelist '7627775'.
20180110/111828.979 - U02000232 Build Date: '2016-06-20', '21:27:52'
20180110/111828.994 - U02000037 Started Agent with INI file 'C:\uc4\Agents\sql\bin\ucxjsqlx_MYSQL.ini'.
20180110/111829.010 - U02000090 Java Runtime Environment version: '1.8.0_131'
20180110/111829.010 - U02000091 Java Runtime Environment vendor: 'Oracle Corporation'
20180110/111829.088 - U02000192 Operating system: 'Windows Server 2008 R2', version: '6.1'.
20180110/111829.088 - U02000193 JVM Architecture: 'amd64'
20180110/111829.088 - U02000110 Maximum Heap Memory: '228' MB

We are trying to use the DB Agent to extract data from a MYSQL DB and pass that to an external user in a csv formatted file.

We are consistently getting a blank / null line after every select statement and another blank line at the end of the job.

When running the selects from a mysql command line, these extra lines are not generated.

Has anyone else seen this?   Is there a way to stop it?