Retrieve information about system variables

Discussion created by Malik_Abdul_8942 on Jan 12, 2018


I’ve come across customers who needs information on where and when a certain value is referenced in Automic's Variable Object from their Production environment JOBS, SCRIPS, etc. They are trying to look this information up via SQL query but could not locate the Variable Object Table and how to look up its contents as referenced by other Objects.

Is there an MSSQL query that would let us look this information up? Or if there is a way to search for any references to Values inside a Variable Object from The UserInterface? 



select OH_Name AS "System variable name", OVW_OH_Client, OVW_VValue, OVW_Value1 from OVW inner join OH on OH_Idnr = OVW_OH_Idnr where OVW_OH_Idnr in (SELECT OH_IDNR from OH where OH_Name like 'UC_HOSTCHAR%' and OH_DeleteFlag = '0');