SAP job is failing with entry 'rfcHostname' is missing

Discussion created by bobby_tamayo_automic on Jan 31, 2018
Issue: SAP job is failing.

20180122/092359.527 - U02004254 Connection Object 'CONN.R3.SAPBTA' is not a valid 'ABAP' connection, entry 'rfcHostname' is missing. 

Root cause:
The following entry is missing on the SAP connection object. This was discovered in the export xml file of the connection object. Although, the hostname of the SAP system  shows up in the connection object itself. It could be that the connection object itself is corrupted. 
<component con="1" enc="0" type="2" value="vmstmsapbta" xmlName="rfcHostname"/>

-Delete the CONN.R3.SAPBTA.
-Then, recreate it the SAP connection object.