SMGR_PORT_RANGE parameter not documented correctly

Discussion created by Karin_Wasinger_8156 on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by Wolfgang_Brueckler_1288

If you find the following error in the WP log file:

U00011830 Invalid value: '(8871, 8872)' in 'UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS' / 'SMGR_PORT_RANGE'. Default value: '0000008871' will be used.

you have a space in your SMGR_PORT_RANGE parameter in your UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS variable.

Simply remove the blank space from your SMGR_PORT_RANGE in your UC_SYSTEM_SETTING so that the correct values are considered.

Unfortunately, this is also wrongly documented in our online documentation for v12 and v12.1.1 The documentation shows as an example a blank character, which must not exist. The problem has already been reported to our documentation department to resolve it.