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Selecting Weekends During a date Range

Question asked by MarkCavalieri608487 on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Wolfgang_Brueckler_1288
I have a business request to execute a job from the 1st workday of the month thru the 4th workday of the month, including weekends.
We define workdays as Mon thru Fri, skipping holidays, so weekends are not included.

How can I define a calendar that identifies just the weekends between Workday 1 and Workday 4 ?

So for example if the first workday of the month is a Thursday, the job needs to execute Thursday thru Tuesday.
If Workday 4 is a Friday, then no weekend execution is required. 
This is for an Oracle EBS Accruals job so think of this as a GL Close that spans the weekend.
I've tried a bunch of "If Collisions" but cannot seem to get it to correctly select just the required Saturday and Sunday.
I do not want to pick the weekend dates because then it becomes an annual manual process.