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Discussion created by Andreas_Sprosec_7439 on Mar 1, 2018
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I see in the new features for V12, that Unix agents don't have to run as ROOT, is this true? 

To conform with our customers‘security policies, we now provide a separation of privileges for Unix agents. The user who owns the listener can be configured and no longer has to be a root or super-user (default 65534 = nfsnobody). The user behavior for connecting to the agent listener (e.g. File Transfer) has not been changed.

 So, do I need to any special to the listener, to have it not run as root?

 And we said …

 With version 12.1 the agent will use UID 65534 for the listener port used by the agent. In previous versions this was the *same* user that started the agent. So it required root permission. With version 12.1 you still need to start the agent with root permission but the listener no longer needs those right.

Most likely nothing will need to be done. By default with use User ID 66534. You can always specify another user if needed.