ASO Worker Processes wont stay up: error in WP log files: No primary work process is registered

Discussion created by mitchell.feldman on Mar 1, 2018
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Oracle DB
Automic ASO 12.1
RH Linux AE

Service Manager looks like this:


full (but misleading) error that's easy to find in $HOME/AutomationEngine/temp: (WPsrv_log_***_00.txt)
20180228/141754.574 - U00003367 No primary work process is registered in the database; next attempt in '10' seconds.

This error (much more helpful) was only seen in the log after trying to start one WP:
20180228/154530.977 - U00029108 UCUDB: SQL_ERROR    Database handles  DB-HENV: 19cf310  DB-HDBC: 1a45178
20180228/154530.978 - U00003591 UCUDB - DB error info: OPC: 'OCIStmtExecute' Return code: 'ERROR'
20180228/154530.978 - U00003592 UCUDB - Status: '' Native error: '1654' Msg: 'ORA-01654: unable to extend index AUTOMIC.NK_AH_REORG by 8 in tablespace UC4_INDEX'
20180228/154530.978 - U00003536 UCUDB: FATAL DATA BASE ERROR: Re-connection will be attempted in 10 seconds.
20180228/154531.040 - U00003538 UCUDB: Re-connection to database successful. Processing will continue.
20180228/154534.041 - U00000006 DEADLOCK
20180228/154534.041 - U00003594 UCUDB Ret: '6' opcode: 'EXEC' SQL Stmnt: 'UPDATE AH SET AH_TimeStamp4 = ?, AH_Status = ? WHERE AH_OH_Idnr    = ? AND AH_TimeStamp4 is Null'

This is from not following the install

How to fix the issue:

SQL> @datafiles_all.sql
15:58:06 SQL> set echo off
Press ENTER ...


Elapsed: 00:00:03.44
15:58:09 SQL> alter database datafile '/apps/opt/oracle/oradata/automic/system01.dbf' resize 2G;

Database altered.

Elapsed: 00:00:03.18
15:58:46 SQL> alter database datafile '/apps/opt/oracle/oradata/automic/sysaux01.dbf' resize 4G;

Database altered.

Elapsed: 00:00:06.64
15:59:21 SQL> alter database datafile '/apps/opt/oracle/oradata/automic/UC4_INDEX.dbf' resize 2G;

Database altered.
Also issued a increase on the DATA tablespace as that had about 3200 meg free...