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How to execute DB scripts for Oracle via ARA?

Question asked by Tran-Hoang_Hau_348 on Mar 6, 2018

This question How to execute DB scripts for Oracle via ARA?

Can you please advise on below queries: 
1. How to configure and execute Oracle DB script via Ara? 
2. Is it necessary to install ARA agent on the DB server or can we execute the scripts directly? If agent is required, please send us the installation kit & steps.
You can execute oracle DB script, and you might need to install agent (Windows/Unix) on the machine where we have oracle client install.

Firstly you would need to install Oracle DB package "PCK.AUTOMIC_ORACLE_DB" by using Package Manager or Plugin manager

Once you install this package, you an search for Oracle when you want to add an action


Alternatively you can try to use the "PCK.AUTOMIC_JDBC"


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