No "input required" pop up window appears in ARA yet PRPT is set ?

Discussion created by Tran-Hoang_Hau_348 on Mar 7, 2018
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I've created an action, which contains a PRPT (prompt set). 
Executing this action from proccess assembly, everything works fine... in few seconds an "input required" appears and i can fill the promptset, and all variables will get populated by the value i insert. 
my problem is with ARA. In ARA if i define a workflow, inside a workflow i put a component workflow. inside component workflow i put this actions (workflow). 
executing the ARA WK, no prompt appears, and the workflow gets executed with the default values i've defined in the PRPT. I've tried various thing w/o any results. 
How do I make my top level workflow also gets the same prompt at execution time? 

=> You can archive this target by using dynamic properties type "Prompt"
Here is the step by step to do that
1. In the component that you are in, create a dynamic properties (eg:/Prompt_value) type Prompt

2. In the workflow, look for the promptest that you created earlier and fill in the value EXT:/prompt_value

Which mean the value of this promptset will be retrieved from the dynamic properties,  

3. and when you run a execution in ARA, you will be asked to fill in the value, and we also have default value as well


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