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Select multiple files (with the same namespace) for File Transfer on Windows

Question asked by AndreEymann608218 on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by AndreEymann608218
Customer requirement
A Windows application is constantly creating output files. The total amount (may differ) and the names have (partly) the same namespace. The namespace identifies the "set of files" as a unique customer sequence.

Examples of the filenames:

The string above "180223_092213_customersessionid_2_6572151" (part of the filename) is unique any may be used to identify all files with that string.

Automic should identify all files with the given namespace, wait for the files to be stable (e.g. 3 minutes) and then tranfers those files with File Transfer to a target while deleting on the source location. The files in the target then should be processed with a batch program.

How can Automic manage to identify all files "of a set" to transfer them into the target?

Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.