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CA Directory - multi-write-group-hub failover

Question asked by NeerajChase on Apr 15, 2018
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I have a question regarding multi-write-group-hub settings in CA Directory. As per documentation, it is recommended that we designate one DSA in each multi-write group as a Hub.


Excerpt from document:

"When running multiwrite groups with MW-DISP recovery, we recommend configuring a DSA from each multiwrite group to act as a hub for the group of which it is a member. Use this approach rather than allowing each DSA to choose hubs from other groups."



I want to know if we use hub configurations for two active data centers, how do we seamlessly handle replication failover in this scenario?


Group1 : data dsa1 (hub) , data dsa2 (no-hub)

Group 2: data dsa3 (hub),  data dsa4 (no-hub)


A write request coming on Group1 DSA Hub will be replicated to Group 2 Data Hub (dsa3). However if Hub in group2 is down how do we seamlessly make other data dsa (dsa4) as hub ?



Neeraj Tati