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CABI 6.2 can't give Administrator_Role to an user

Question asked by varelafpy on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by David-Ng


We had implemented Cabi jasperserver 6.2 with CA SDM 14.1 #cum2 on Windows server 2012 r2.

Actually the Cabi are connected to the AD and a user can acces to it with her respective user and pass, and we can give him some roles necessary for the user's work environment like, role domain designer or role report designer but i cannot give him a administrator role.

When i give him the role, test with "view as user" the test show me that all is ok. but when the user connect to the cabi with the new roles, it does not take the role administrator and his respectives options.

How i can give to an user the administrator role?

I need to create one?