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New 15.4 install can't connect to MS SQL Server 2017

Question asked by cthor on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Jon_Israel

Normally our infrastructure team does our installations and upgrades.  Unfortunately they are booked solid at the moment, and we need to setup a new sandbox in our Azure cloud ASAP.  I have installed Tomcat, SQL Server and the PPM NSA, but can't get NSA to connect to the db.  I used the install guide found on docops, but I still can't get this to work.  I'll be the first to admit although I support Clarity, I have never done an install in any way.  So...for the gurus out there any chance I can get a detailed doc on how to setup my SQL server to actually connect to the app?  I have the niku db imported, and setup a securityadmin mapped to the schema.  I'm missing something though.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance!


Note, we have a TA in progress to get someone from CA onboarded to help with this as well as our migration to a new PROD environment, but the paperwork won't be completed in time for when they want the sandbox (isn't this always the way?!).  We need the environment up by May 7th, and the earliest we will have our contract in place is the 14th.