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Setup of PAM in DR

Question asked by bhutu01 Employee on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by Scott_Owens

Hi All,

We have installed CA Process Automation 4.3 in Production environment here at client site which is up and running without using Load balancer.
While installation, database and EEM DNS names are used and DNS server will be resolving the ip while switching between Production and DR.


Both Production and DR database will be synced using data gaurd only after the installation of PAM in DR.

After installation of PAM in DR(with DNS names for all servers), once sync happens between production and DR db it will overwrite all the tables in DR with Production data.


So I want to know, whether DR PAM will come up when the switch happens as the data written during installation will be overwritten.


In case if DR PAM is not going to work, then need to what the better approach.