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Taking PAM ValueMap and accessing from IRF

Question asked by james.culpovich on May 17, 2018
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I have been spinning my wheels trying to get this figured out.


I have a PAM process that is getting form data and placing it in a ValueMap. Some of these values are Boolean to represent checkboxes selected or not. I need to pass that information into an IRF for a manager to approve the form.


I started down the path of setting the values in the IRF from the assign_user_task form data initialization code. For the textboxes this worked just fine. Once I got to the checkboxes however, I realized I could not check the boxes (to my knowledge) from the initialization. So I am looking to find a way to get the ValueMap into the IRF script code for further processing. I have found a post here: Setting table values on an IRF  showing how to pass an array, but I'm not seeing how I can use this to pass a ValueMap in. Trying to access the ValueMap by Key and Value (both upper and lower V) does not result in a table being populated.


I also found this post: How to Feed Interaction form with array data during form initialization?  but likewise could not find a way to make it work.


Thanks much for any replies.