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How do you use encrypted properties in a Script test step?

Question asked by Asbury Employee on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by Asbury

I am working on a test that uses the Beanshell Script test step. In the scripting code I am referencing a Java API that uses a Login object to authenticate to an external system. In the project.config I have created properties for the username and password to log into the external system. I have checked the "encrypt" checkbox to encrypt the password so it is not visible to users who have access to the project. When attempting to use the password in the Script object by calling TestExec.getStatObject (property key), the password is not returned in the Script code to use in in the Login method. I have tried other methods such as getStateString and lookupLisaPropsValue.


How can I access the encrypted password in a Script step? Assuming the test step must be a Script step, what is the best method to secure credentials that may be used within the Script step?


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