Logmon probe natively reading ASCII files on  AS400 Systems

Discussion created by salst04 Employee on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by Greenones

We have a customer who requires the logmon probe to read ASCII files natively. Their current effort required to read ASCII files is ...


  • I-Series team need to share the desired folder via NFS
  • Unix Team have to mount the files on the Unix side which creates an NFS share from the Unix based Hub to the target AS400 system
  • Network team then have to allow the connection via the firewalls
  • Finally, they can attempt access and have to troubleshoot all of the steps above should the mount not work.  Occasionally the AS400 systems needs IPL’ing due to NFS been a “flaky” system.


Apparently, the above steps can take days (if not weeks) depending on workloads.


We would like to understand the impact of this on your monitoring capabilities and time consumption. Is anyone else experiencing this, or something similar, and could you benefit from the probe being able to read ASCII files natively?