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Email Domain Authentication & Other Auth in Flowdock

Question asked by LeahPearlstein13 on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by Sagi_Gabay

When a user leaves the organization we remove their access to our organization, but it says that they still have a flowdock account (presumably under the email address they created it with?).

However, there is wording that says that a user with a verified email address from our domain can join the organization.

What happens with a user who is an employee that verifies their email address, but is later removed from the organization? Are they able to join again since they verified their email address while they were still an employee? 


Wording in the Organzation Admin Controls:


"New Flowdock users who sign up with a email address can currently join this organization. Existing Flowdock users with a verified email address can join it from their Account page."



Similarly, can you confirm that if a user sets a manual password and they are removed from an organization, that they won't be able to re-join? 


For reference, we have "" shut off.


Please let me know if any add'l information would be helpful. We are trying to ensure that a user cannot rejoin once we have removed them from the org.


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