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Problems with new 'z_' attributes in Property Table

Question asked by boho on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by cdtj

we want to expand the property-Table for cr. I have created a new attribute 'z_string1' via WSP in the prp and prptpl Tables.
Then I modified the xx_prop_tab.htmpl:

'PDM_MACRO name=dtlWriteproperty label="prop0.label" make_required="prop0.required" propnum=0 sample="prop0.sample" validation_type="prop0.validation_type" value="prop0.value" z_string1="prop0.z_string1">'.

I have 2 problems:
how can I move the new values from proptpl into prp table?


And I got an error because this macro don't knows 'z_string1'.


Is it possible to change the macro dtlWriteproperty?
Is there another way to change the list of property so that the new attribute is editable?


Can anybody help????