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EPAgent - Some metrics are not displayed on WebView

Question asked by SantiBPBA on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by SantiBPBA

Hi, we've deployed an EPAgent in a linux server. It was working fine for few days. All the xml sent from a python script were added ok and we see it on "CA WebView" -> Investigator -> Metric Browser.

Yesterday, I modified the python script to create two metrics inside the XML to be sent for each meassure in the server.


{"type": "LongCounter", "name": "AAAA|BBBBBBB|CCCCC.DDDDDDD:concurrency", "value": "12"},

{"type": "LongCounter", "name": "AAAA|BBBBBBB|ZZZZZZ.DDDDDDD:concurrency", "value": "12"},

As you can see, only change a little part of the name.

When we send 20 metrics inside an XML request (10 meassures duplicated with the name changed), EPAgent response says:


But we only see 10 new metrics on WebView. Only the originals.

XML was tested and it's OK.
We've does a test only sending the originals and all were added.
After that, We've sent the same XML changing CCCCC to ZZZZZZ. The response from server says "validCount 10". We've verified on WebView, the path does not exist and the metrics does not there.


could you help us?


BTW, we are thinking issue could be related to the number of metrics that we already have inside the EPAgent. Has EPAgent a limit of metrics to store?