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Unable to see Websphere MQ TT

Question asked by Jaykrishna on Aug 15, 2018
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Hi Team,

We have one application deployed on Weblogic and this application is talking to Websphere MQ. This Weblogic application starts it processing when there is some messages arrive to its JMS queue which is pushed via WMQ.( means JMS queue is always populated by WMQ)
We have already instrumentated Weblogic Server with Weblogic Agent and the MQ server with MQ PowerPack(MQMonitorAgent).But still we are not able to see the TT of WMQ server. Now I am wondering what went wrong and what more config do i need to do.The options i am evaluating now are
1. Enable crossjvm transaction tracing @ Weblogic end.(Already implemented but still not able to see the WMQ TT)
2. Use MQ Java connector along with Weblogic Agent.(Not sure whether it will work as per doc it only works with Websphere Agent).
3. Both the above options.

Note: whole purpose of this exercise is to see the crossjvm transaction tracing.

Will be grateful to you if you can guide me as well as suggest me the right approach if I am wrong.




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