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Presenting to you... Policy Templates

Discussion created by Dustin Dauncey Employee on Aug 16, 2018
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Hello everyone,


Over the last little while, we've been building a repository of policy templates which can be used by anybody who sees a use for them in their own environment. While it's still a work in progress (and always will be), we believe we have a sufficient pool of policy templates to choose from now that we'd like to make sure you're aware of this feature in the community. Of course, more will be added as we move along too, as this is what I'd call a "living” repository of policy templates.


These policies will be great starting points when building services that may be complex in nature or are perhaps fringe use-cases which need a solid foundation to build from, for example.


There are typically two areas you'll find that are tagged as a template for the "policy repository”:


  • A CA employee or Community Champion has uploaded a document to the community, which has an attached policy that is either well commented/documented or is explained well in the document itself, including what the problem or use-case is that the attached policy attempts to solve.


  • A CA employee or community member has attached an example policy in an answer to a question (or a response to a discussion) in the community, that at least greatly assists in answering the question or fully answers it, and that CA believes others will find very helpful for their own similar use-cases.


We hope this new focus on building a policy template repository for our users will come in very handy and will even further allow more creative juices to flow with creating even more useful policy templates or variations on existing ones, for example. Please be sure to chime in on any of these policy templates with your own questions or to add any variations to the policy template as you see fit (as long as it is also properly explained/documented).


This is just one more way we are working to make your life a little easier. :-)


You can view our policy template repository here: https://communities.ca.com/community/ca-api-management-community/content?filterID=contentstatus%5Bpublished%5D~tag%5Bpolicy+repository%5D


Also, we have a really cool new button to show it off on the homepage! I'd like to give a shout out to our Community Admin (Melanie Guiliani) for the assistance on that one. Thank you, Melanie. Also a huge shout out to dasjo02 for the sheer amount of policy templates provided so far - great work Joe!



Please reach out if you have any questions around the repository of policy templates.