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scriptable protocol request matching for fixed delimiters

Question asked by SaiPriyankaKoduru on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by gadpr08

Using script able protocol did hogan mainframe fixed length delimited text protocol it worked,but how to add multiple request matching response in existing VSI?


Steps followed:

1. create RRpairs txt files

2. create new vsi with RRpairs

3. select scritpable protocol to convert special character delimiters

4. Finish recording  - creates VSI & VSM


5. Modify VSI to add more request & response for different scenarios (stuck) , not sure how to match incoming request


EX Request:  HDMH-V00        K5K5PACAC 4DTUSER             S                                                 FORBID_IÃ01ÃDEFAULTAB



how to match multiple request coming in VSI.